Intelligent Single Tank Saccharification


Function:Automatic Saccharification & CIP

Tank Size:1*0.8m,Tall 1.4m

Control Box Size:0.7*0.3m,Tall 0.8米

Single Batch of Wheat Juice:120L

Power Supply:380V


New concept saccharification

iGulu creative single tank independent saccharifies, one tank beer saccharification process, using a new malt extract formula, lighter operation and creating more stable taste

Collective CIP

The self-cleaning pipeline and fermentation tank cleaning pipeline are integrated inside the equipment, and multiple functions such as self saccharification unit cleaning, fermentation unit cleaning and disinfection are cooperating with the control module

Auto Control

iGulu brewing team has created a unique brewing process for single tank saccharification, and fully realized the process automation based on high-precision sensors and control modules, without manual participation

Multi Control Terminals

iGulu provides cloud platform brewing, and hundreds of recipes are stored in the cloud. You can choose preset recipes or customized personalized recipes according to your hobbies. At the same time, you can experience the brewing method of new concepts through multi-terminal linkage control on the mobile terminal, machine terminal and cloud terminal