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iGulu took the lead in launching the world’s first intelligent household and commercial beer brewing machine, integrating technologies and resources such as intelligent hardware, software platform, brewing technology and brewing raw materials, becoming the world’s first service provider capable of providing a complete set of intelligent brewing solutions, and an industry innovation benchmark. 

The core team of the company comes from Cisco, Oracle, Budweiser InBev, Carlsberg and other global well-known enterprises, and has successively reached strategic cooperation relations with many well-known enterprises, such as Haidilao, Wooden House Barbecue, Hezong Art, Banu Hotpot, Zhishan Group, COFCO, Hong Kong New World, Narada, Join Me Group (HK) and so on, so as to jointly explore the huge beer market. 

Since the birth of iGulu, our intelligent fresh brewing machine has won many awards in the world. With its own strong R & D team of brewing beer products, 40 + intellectual property rights and a variety of fresh brewing formulas have won various awards in China and foreign countries. Since its establishment in 2015, iGulu has achieved a lot in its main business. With the development of the industry, iGulu has improved the strength of the company and expanded its business. In the future, iGulu will bring a more innovative and complete new experience of freshly brewed beer for major dining scenes.

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