Company Introduction

iGulu belongs to the brand of iGulu (Shanghai) Intelligent Technology Co., LTD. The brand was founded in 2015. It took the lead in launching the world’s first intelligent household and commercial beer brewing equipment, integrating technologies and resources such as intelligent hardware, software platform, brewing technology and brewing raw materials, becoming the world’s first service provider capable of providing a full set of intelligent brewing solutions and becoming an innovation benchmark in the industry.

At present, it focuses on the service of beer intelligent supply chain and the R & D and promotion of diversified beer formula, liquor and intelligent equipments. The equipment has two product lines, business machines for enabling catering stores and home machines for individual / household users. iGulu intelligent beer machine is the smallest intelligent brewing equipment in the world, leading similar products at home and abroad. It solves the problems of large land occupation of traditional equipment, non standardization of products and the need for brewers. A variety of refined beer formulas independently developed have won many awards in the beer industry at home and abroad.

The core team of the company comes from Cisco, Oracle, Budweiser InBev, Carlsberg and other global well-known enterprises. It has successively reached cooperation with many well-known enterprises such as Haidilao, Wooden House Barbecue, Hezong Art, Banu Hotpot, Zhishan Group, COFCO, Hong Kong New World, Narada, Join Me Group (HK) and so on, so as to jointly explore the huge beer market. 


Culture & Responsibility

iGulu is not only leading development  with innovation, but also using the scientific and technological achievements to reach to its vision. iGulu constantly improves its value and strives to become an influential international company, in order to make every customer “brew your dream and feel the best”.


Company Honors

At present, after 3 years of independent R & D, iGulu team has the world’s leading “intelligent device + more than 100 formulas + App cloud”, and its products have 40 + patents.

In 2017, iGulu won the CES Award which is the most influential tech event in the world (another Chinese enterprise after Huawei and Dajiang), the CES Asia China Creative Product of the Year – Life Assistant Award, the German IFA UX Design Award, and the highest score of similar products in the professional evaluation of German EuropeSales.

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