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About us

iGulu, touching your life with the fun of high-tech.

June 8th, 2012, California, a day marked by the pervasive fragrance of orange blossoms. On that day, an aspiring IT geek gave a shot to the first glass of craft beer in his life, and fell in love. The pure and mellow taste of that glass of beer aroused his taste buds, and far more than that, his inspiration—why not launch a smart beer machine, and give more people a chance to make their own craft beer? So today, iGulu is born. The letter ‘i’ symbolizes the individualized idea on product designing, and ‘Gulu’, is associated with ‘Brew’ in pronunciation. Also, when a mouthful of craft beer slips down your throat, it brings you a rush of thrill and satisfaction, and that’s when the sound ‘Gulu’ is released, spontaneously and in an uninhibited way.


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